Carpet Smell So Good Uses

Carpet Smell So Good
Is a natural alternative to other carpet products.
It helps keep your carpets fresh and smelling good.
A natural alternative to keep your carpets fresh 
and smelling good . Sprinkle over carpet. Walk on or
work the salt into the carpet. Let stand for a day if
possible. Then vacuum. The salt will draw the odors
and leave a residual fragrance.
Made with our all natural fragrance salt, it’s
non-toxic and green friendly.
How to use: 

 Sprinkle a thin layer of the salt on the carpet. Once applied to the carpet, you want to walk on it and work it down into the carpet.
 Reason being is that, salts natural properties are that of an absorbent. So, it will absorb moisture and odor out of your carpet.
 The longer the salt stays on, the better capability of absorption. Then vacuum. This will leave a residual fragrance on your carpet. 

Pet areas:

If you have any areas where there has been an accident, place a thicker layer on that area. 
Cover with a towel and walk it into the carpet. Leave 2-3 days for maximum absorption. 
Then vacuum. Repeat if necessary. This will not help the stain but it will take care of the odor. 


Use the same way you would in a room, just apply to the carpet in your car instead.
 Let it sit for as long as you can and then vacuum. This will leave a  residual fragrance on the carpet in your car.
Helps with any kind of spill like vomit, milk even stinky dog and kids.