Uses Vacuum


     Bag:    Crush 6-7 pieces of salts and drop them into a new bad. This will last you the entire length of your bag.
    Bag-less:  Put  3 to 4 salts in   a sachet bag and drop into canister . When the hot air goes around the salts the smell will evaporate out. When you dump the canister pull the bag off  the then put back into canister 
This will last you anywhere from 4-7 vacuums depending on how often you vacuum.

You can also use our Carpet Smell So Good in you vacuum.

Rainbow: Place 2-3 pieces of salt directly into the rainbow. The salt will dissolve in the water. It will last until you change the water out.

Whole house vacuum: Unfortunately, our product will only freshen the garage where the central vac is located. The fragrance will not penetrate into the home.