What exactly is this?
- It is a sea salt pellet infused with natural and essential oils and natural color.

How does it work?
-The salt is heat activated. The more heat applied, the more fragrance you get.

How long does it last?
- See "uses"

What happens if someone/a pet eats it?
-Our product is all natural and non-toxic. It is absolutely safe if someone/a pet puts it in their mouth.

Does it melt?
-No. The salt will not change form unless you break them with a hammer or if you use them in water. Then they would dissolve just as a normal salt would.

Does any warmer work to heat them?
-Yes. Although we prefer our warmers because they are not a fire hazard, any warmer that exerts heat will work.

How long does a jar last?
- Depending on how many pieces you use at a time, the jar will last 2-4 months for use in the home, 3-6 months for use in the car and about 2-4 months for use in the bath. With the vacuum, it depends on the type of vacuum and how often you are vacuuming. Usually between 2-4 months.

How many pieces do you use?
-We say start with 5-8 pieces. If you prefer a stronger fragrance, use more peices until you reach your desired scent level. If you prefer a sublte fragrance, use less pieces.. The nice thing about our product is you have the ability to adust your own level of fragrance based on your personal preference.

Do you add water?
-Typically No. If your using the salt in the home, you can add water to your warmer once you have broken apart the salt and the crushed pieces have ran out of scent.

Will any breathable bag work for the car?
-Yes. Mesh sachet bags work best.

Are the light bulbs hard to find?
No. You can find them at most of the larger hardware store. But, to save yourself the hassle, we sell them on this website for 5 dollars and do not charge any shipping.

How will it affect somebody who has allergies?
-If they are allergic to a certain scent, for instance, lavender, then they WILL BE allergic to our product. Reason being is because we use essential oil, which comes straight from the lavender plant. Same goes for any other fragrance we use.

What if someone is sensitive to fragrance?
A lot of people can handle our product because it is all natural and does not contain any perfume or chemicals. Also, you can adjust the level of fragrance based on how many pieces you use.