Uses Warmers

           Place 5-8 salts on your warmer. You can adjust the fragrance level by the number of  salts or the amount of heat on them. If you prefer a stronger scent, add more pieces or turn your light up. If you prefer a subtle scent, take some pieces away or turn down your light. This will allow you to attain your own personal level of fragrance.  Periodically shake up your salts. Take them in your hands and rough them up a bit. This sloughs off the dead skin on the salt and rejuvenates the scent. Once the scent is completely gone, break them up to get the rest of the fragrance. The easiest way to break the salt is to fold them in a towel and take a hammer to them. The salt will last anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on how long the warmer is on and how much heat is applied.